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    The dramatic consequences of emerging unpredictable complications of drug therapy are often the subject of complaints and litigation. Taking into account the high medical, legal and insurance risk during surgical interventions, including those associated with intolerance, they require clear documentation from the doctor at all stages of patient management.

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    This documentation should include a detailed description of the case (semiology, timeline for all medications taken), a detailed description of the severity of symptoms, including laboratory tests (if serious reactions are suspected, eg tryptase in anaphylaxis). The doctor needs to buy mebendazole online the temporal relationship between medication and developed symptoms (schedule for drugs taken in the last month), risk factors (associated with the disease and the patient himself), develop directions for a differential diagnosis.

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    After diagnosis and identification of a causally significant drug allergen (identification - tests in vitro and in vivo) it is necessary to give recommendations to the patient on safe treatment algorithms, if necessary, to address the issue of desensitization. It is important to teach the patient the principles of prevention, which take into account individual risk factors.

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    Despite the fact that the atopic constitution does not increase the risk of developing sensitization to penicillin, patients suffering from bronchial asthma, dermatitis, penicillin drugs and their derivatives are not prescribed. This is due to the fact that acquired reactions to beta-lactams are more severe in atopics. Patients who have experienced complications during anesthesia such as allergic or non-allergic anaphylaxis, bronchospasm, urticaria should be examined by an allergist. The main method of drug allergy treatment is the elimination of the offending allergen and the rational solution of drug hypersensitivity problems - this is (almost always) the search for a worthy alternative to buy vermox drug.

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    Developing a collaborative relationship with the patient, understanding the mechanisms behind the development of vermox, knowing the patterns of drug hypersensitivity, and educating patients will minimize the number of complications of drug therapy and alleviate the consequences of an allergic reaction.

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    Information about all the undesirable effects of drug therapy that has arisen must be sent to the Federal Center for Monitoring and Safety of Medicines (FCMBLS) and the corresponding regional center. Hypovitaminosis is a pathological condition caused by insufficient intake of mebendazole pills or more vitamins in the body. For each type of hypovitaminosis, there are specific causes. At the same time, there are a number of common factors, the impact of which can lead to the development of vitamin deficiency.